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Five on Five with ARHS Vikings senior girls soccer team

AMHERST, N.S. – We asked five Amherst Regional High School Vikings senior girls soccer players five questions during practice at ARHS.


1. Favourite dessert?

2. Favourite TV Show?

3. Smallest coin you would pick up off the ground?

4. Fiercest teammate/Calmest teammate

5. Best Shooter on team/Best Passer on team


Ceilidh Bennett (17-years-old)

1. August Apple Pie

2. How It’s Made

3. Any coin with value

4. Hannah Laidlaw, Hillary Mapplebeck

5. Kiera Dyck, Darcy Gould

Darcy Gould (17-years-old)

1. Apple crisp

2. That 70’s Show

3. Quarter

4. Chloe Stubbert, Elizabeth Lirette

5. Keira Dyck (both)

Hillary Mapplebeck (17-years-old)

1. Nutella Cheesecake

2. Atypical

3. Quarter

4. Darcy Gould, Keira Dyck

5. Darcy Gould (both)

Emma Black (14-years-old)

1. Cookies

2. Friends

3. Quarter

4. Chloe Stubbert, Hillary Mapplebeck

5. Darcy Gould, Ceilidh Bennett

Sophie Patriquin (13-years-old)

1. Cupcakes or brownies

2. Stranger Things and Grey’s Anatomy

3. Dime

4. Chloe Stubbert, Elizabeth Lirette

5. Keira Dyck, Ceilidh Bennett

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