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Ski Wentworth gets an early jump on the ski season

WENTWORTH, N.S. – Ski Wentworth opened on Dec. 15, their earliest opening since 2013.

“We had excellent snow making leading up to opening day,” said Leslie Wilson, manager at Ski Wentworth. “Usually we get one or two cold days but we had nine straight days of snowmaking, which in December is excellent. We took full advantage of that and we’re in great shape for the season.”

The snow making machines created huge hills of snow, which were groomed across the Rose Bowl and Bunny Hill for two days before opening day.

“The depth is excellent and the coverage is really good,” said Wilson. “It’s nice to have the width of the Rose Bowl and Bunny Hill covered in snow.”

Wilson says opening day is always exciting.

“It’s always a big focus. We like to open with conditions we’re proud of, where there’s good coverage,” said Wilson. “And a nice early start is good when it comes to selling ski passes.”

At peak season, Ski Wentworth hires 225 staff.

“We have great staff that come back every year, and great new staff, such as new ski instructors, new lift attendants and new cafeteria staff,” said Wilson.

Many are part time workers.

“We have 70 to 80 ski instructors that are only here on the weekend,” said Wilson. “It takes a lot of people to make all this run smoothly.”

Wilson has been manager at Ski Wentworth for close to 20 years.

“I’m very proud of Ski Wentworth, especially where it’s been in the family for three generations,” said Wilson.

She said it’s a great job.

“There are some days that are long and tiring but most are a lot of fun,” she said. “And I’m lucky that I get to go out and ski every day.”

All she needs now is for Mother Nature to keep co-operating.

“They’re saying we’re getting more snow on Monday and Tuesday, so we might have one or two of our natural snow runs opening this week as well.”

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