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Nine-Year-Old Damon Burbine enjoys successful weekend in Quebec

Nine-year-old Damon Burbine of Joggins, Nova Scotia, seen here racing on July 21 at the Riverglade Speedway, competed this past weekend in Quebec. Burbine won two out of the three races he competed in, earning him first overall in the 65 cc motocross division. He will be racing in Walton, Ontario in a few weeks.

DESCHAMBAULT-GRONDINES, QUEBEC-This past weekend in Deschambault, Quebec, a municipality of about 2,100 people, Damon Burbine, a 9-year-old motocross racer from Joggins, Nova Scotia, competed and won against racers his own age and older.

“I couldn't be more proud,” stated Damon’s father Jason Burbine. “Damon raced 3 times, twice Friday and once Saturday,” he added.

“In his first motocross race on Friday, he finished first, in his second, he finished second (despite wiping out 3 times) and he then raced today (Saturday) and got another first place finish,” said Burbine.

Damon Burbine, who also won first overall for his age group in the 65cc category, placed first among all 65 bikes, which included racers as old as 12 years of age.

In jut a few short weeks, Damon Burbine will be off to Walton, Ontario where he competed last year in the 50cc class.

This year, he will be competing in the 65 cc class.

“Last year (in Walton, Ontario), he finished third overall with two 3rd place and one second place finished,” stated Jason Burbine this past weekend from Quebec.

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