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Manuge rink gunning for provincial title


AMHERST - Chris Manuge knows she's in for a challenge when her rink enters play at this weekend's Nova Scotia women's curling club championship bonspiel in Greenwood.
"We know we're in tough, but we're up for it," Manuge said. "We have a good group here and as long as we play together as a team we'll be fine."
Manuge's rink knocked off defending champion Joan Cameron to win the Amherst club championship in early January. To do so, the team made some excellent shots and took advantage of its opportunities to win the club title.
It's an experience she hopes to repeat in Greenwood, starting Friday night at 8:30 p.m., against the host rink.
"It's going to be very competitive because everyone's wanting to go to the nationals," she said. "There are going to be some very good teams there, but we are confident we'll be in the hunt."
Manuge said the key for her team will be to play mistake-free curling and be prepared to take advantage of their opponents' mistakes. The rink did that in the club championship bonspiel and she's optimistic they can do it again. The club plays two more games on Saturday, with the playoffs set for Sunday.
Manuge throws mate rocks for the club with Kathy Craib throwing the skip rocks. Cindy Cameron is the lead stone and Carolyn Ames is second stone.

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