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Boxing club offers training in the Sweet Science


Dave French (left) looks for an opening while trainer Roger Dorrington encourages him to bring it on. Sparing is just one of many activities boxers take part in at the?Heather Arseneau Memorial Boxing Club.?Dave Mathieson - Amherst Daily?News

AMHERST?- Whether it's hitting the heavy bag, going a few rounds with the speed bag or sparring in the ring for a few rounds, there are few better ways of getting in shape than training in the Sweet Science.
"Be sure to bring a dry shirt for the end of the night," said boxing trainer Roger Dorrington to his students when class wraps up for the night. "Because when you're done in here there's a good chance your shirt will be soaked."
Roger Dorrington has been training students in the art of boxing at the Heather Arseneau Memorial Boxing Club in Amherst for a couple of years now and has developed a strong following.
"We usually have about a dozen people hear each night," said Dorrington about their two hour training sessions on Monday and Wednesday nights.
Dorrington, along with trainer Don Estabrooks, have a core of regulars at the club located in the basement of the CANSA building on Crescent Street; plus they have many people who come and go.
Last night he had nine regulars and three new people.
"It's the kind of thing you either like or don't like," said Dorrington. "They usually figure it out after the first few visits."
Dorrington said some of his young boxers are ready to step into the amateur ranks.
"Some of these kids are ready to go," said Dorrington.
He is in the process of getting funds to bring the club to the next level.
Dorrington and Estabrooks have a wealth of boxing knowledge behind them.
They start their recruits off slow and gradually work them into ever increasing skill levels.
Raissa Tetanish trains at the facility and said they start you off with foot-work and basic punching techniques, then once you've master those, they show you combinations and some defensive work.
The Amherst Boxing Club has a ring to spar in and an abundance of equipment, such as speed bags, heavy bags and gloves the students can train with.
The club is open to anyone over the age of 10.
It costs $5 per visit and they are open on Monday and Wednesday night from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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