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Archery becoming popular

Most people think of rifles when they hear the word marksman.

OXFORD Most people think of rifles when they hear the word marksman.

Thats understandable.

For more than 20 years, the Town of Oxford has been home to the Oxford Marksman Association (OMA), a shooting club that offers a full range of recreational shooting to the people of Cumberland County.

Marksmanship, however, equally applies to the sport of archery. With this in mind the executive of the OMA has welcomed archers to their membership.

Archery is a growing sport combining target shooting and hunting skills in an outdoor activity that makes for a healthy lifestyle.

Its a perfect fit, James Clark, OMA secretary said.

Both archery and shooting share a primary concern with safety. And we already have an ideal facility for archery at our outdoor range on the Dickson Road in Riverview.

There are high berms, or backstops, to prevent loss of arrows and a flat surfaces suitable for shooting at various distances. Our handgun range is especially well suited to archers whose primary interest is bow hunting with high powered compound bows, he added.

The handgun range was constructed in 2004 with the assistance of a recreation grant made possible by councillor Kathy Langille.

The OMA range is situated in a wooded area away from roads and dwellings with ample parking.

Archers can enjoy OMA facilities in two ways. They can join the club as members organizing their own target practice and matches within the club schedule. Already established archery clubs can join OMA while maintaining their separate identities or they can simply rent OMA range facilities as needed.

By joining OMA, members get facilities and insurance coverage. Groups renting the facilities on a daily basis are responsible for their own insurance.

The New Year brought other changes to OMA including the election of officers.

Dwayne Dickie of Collingwood stepped down as OMA president, having served 10 years in that office.

Charlie Boran of Kolbec (447- 3428) takes over as president, Ron Betts, Sr. of Pugwash will serve as vice-president, Robert Perrin of Hantsford was elected treasurer while James Clark of Middleboro (257-2728) will continue as secretary.

The construction of a clubhouse at the Dickson Road Range is listed as the major accomplishment for the OMA in 2006.

Built on the firing line of the rifle range, the facility features hatches allowing members to shoot from the comfort of a heated interior during cold weather and will provide a home and meeting place for the club.

If you are a hunter and would like to practice your shooting skills or if you are simply a gun owner who wants to see firearms ownership privileges defended and promoted, join the Oxford Marksman Association, Clarke said.

OMA is a certified shooting club for handgun owners.

The club annually offers handgun, rifle and trap shooting opportunities.

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