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Column brings back bad memories

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

On a hot summer day in 1948, sitting in Springhill, many young and old, black or white or any authenticity would be wishing they could go to Heather Beach. Unfortunately, many of these people did not have a car, but thankfully these folks in 1948 had the Springhill Bus Company. If you asked, I am sure many of these folks would recall many happy memories of being able to get to this wonderful beach by bus. Just ask them. They would remember Harvey Finley, the driver, as a caring, happy person who greeted them as they came aboard. He would ensure they all arrived for a wonderful day at the breach knowing they would be picked up at the designated time and returned home tired but happy.

Unfortunately, except for that one day on Oct. 16, 1948 that Pat Crowe, in her column on July 18, 2018 in the Amherst News decided to recall, from the Springhill Record, the only accident that Harvey Finley had driving the bus.

Oct. 21, 1948: Springhill bus company defendant in lawsuit

Why? Just why would she choose to recall this incident to get the tongues wagging in a negative way again in Springhill? Why not edit the piece to read "driver" rather than a name?

Harvey Finley was a respected lieutenant in the North Nova Scotia Highlanders, where he made many friends who could always turn to him if they were in need. Why would she choose to recall the negative moment in his life rather than recalling the pleasure and support he offered to the folks of Springhill? Why not let a dead man, who did so much for so many, rest in peace with the respect he deserves?

I was a one-year-old girl at the time of this accident. Since that time, I had many trips on the bus to the cooling waters of the Northumberland Strait. In fact, I still enjoy the water as a married retired woman who now calls Port Howe home, thanks to my dad.

I am deeply saddened about the resurrection of this negative event my father unfortunately and regrettably had rather than one that would reflect all the good things he did for the people of Springhill.

Sincerely, the proud daughter of Harvey Finley

Marjorie Goudge nee Finley, Amherst

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