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Congratulations to citizens advisory committee at Springhill prison


To the Editor,

I eagerly await each week’s edition of the Citizen-Record to read articles on Amherst and my hometown, Springhill.

I am beginning to see names of relatives and people I know, although I have lived in Ontario for the past 12 year in maximum prisons at Kingston and Millhaven and I am finally going to a medium prison at Fembrook.

Today’s paper had an article on the citizen’s advisory committee that goes into the Springhill Institution to make recommendation on CSC policy and inmate life.

Congratulations to the committee and the hardworking Don Tabor for their efforts. I have witnessed some troublesome things in my time in prison such as the renovation of the prison yard that was destroyed and rebuilt and on certain ranges they built what they called ‘greenhouses’, 30 feet by 10 feet made of quarter-inch steel with four Plexiglas windows. More waste of money. Does the public know this? Millhaven is a nightmare, even the guards don’t like it.

I enjoy the paper’s sports section and its coverage of the Ramblers (a team I could never make) and as an old goalie of the Springhill high hockey team I’m amazed at the play and accomplishments of young goalie Carly Jackson.

Paul Tabor,

Millhaven, Ont.

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