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Citizens group to thank if taxes soar in Springhill


To the Editor,

I want to compliment the Amherst News for the excellent reporting and summarizing of the UARB reports regarding Springhill and it's potential dissolution.

Having read the reports, I took particular interest in the police pension amendment done in 2009 that threatens a $2 million hit to Springhill taxpayers. A penalty that could result in an additional tax increase of approximately $800  per taxpayer.

It is my opinion and very clear to me, why former MLA Murray Scott, who heads the Concerned Citizens Group is so opposed to amalgamation. It has never been about losing town status or a plebiscite, as this group wants the residents to believe. It has always been about the police pension amendment. Mr. Scott, being a former Justice Minister, past President and Provincial Director of the Police Association of NS, in addition to 20 years on the Springhill Police force, I feel, would have been aware of this amendment. 

It is truly sad, that Mr. Scott is so willing to sacrifice so many, imposing additional financial hardship, to benefit so few. I guess that is his way of thanking the loyal voters that kept him in office for 12 years.

Remember who to thank if we all see a substantial tax increase to cover the pension penalty, none other than Mr. Scott and the Concerned Citizens Group.

Irene Albertson, Springhill

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