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Accident about to happen


To the Editor

I have been traveling the old highway between Amherst and Springhill for many years. Every day at this time of the year as I travel past the blind corner at the entrance to the maple sugar woods in Fenwick I wonder how long it will be before there is a serious accident on this corner.

I have seen at times a quarter mile of cars down both sides of the road.

Drivers stopped in the lane waiting to squeeze in a parking spot when others are leaving.

Car doors open into the highway and children playing on the road after getting out of a parked vehicle.

Then there is the vehicle trying to exit the wood road from the camps and the driver can’t see past all the parked vehicles. 

All this happening while cars, trucks, tractor trailers, and garbage trucks come around this corner at 90 km/h or faster. I know there have been no parking signs posted in the area but this is not the answer.

The shoulder of a busy highway on a blind turn, on a hill shouldn’t be used as a shopping area parking lot. Maybe it is time the land owners who are attracting visitors, and selling maple products from their sugar camps in this area work together and clear a couple of acres of land and build a parking lot. Prohibit parking along the road completely.

This is a small price to pay for a life. Yes I said landowners not the government. Of course the DOT should prohibit parking on this corner completely. After an accident happens it will be too late to say we should have done this or that.

Dean MacDonald, Amherst

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