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Amherst to be congratulated for active transportation plan

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor: 

Congratulations to the Town of Amherst on the recent approval of their Active Transportation Plan. The benefits of this strategy, especially increasing physical activity, reducing barriers, citizen safety and social inclusion, positively influence the health and wellness of the community.

Municipalities play an essential role in shaping the health of our communities by creating supportive policies and environments that positively impact the health of the population. Strategically focusing on built environments to create a community that encourages active transportation in the forms of walking, cycling and using public transit, ultimately builds social connections and makes being active an easier choice for all residents.

I applaud your government’s leadership and commitment to improving the health of the community. Furthermore, the commitment of the Town of Amherst in the Municipal Physical Activity Strategy to become the most healthy, active community in Nova Scotia also demonstrates progressive leadership in support of the health of it citizens. The Town’s recognition of the positive benefits of physical activity is noteworthy and will have long lasting positive effects on the entire community. 

Thank you for your leadership and congratulations again on this important decision.

Dr. Ryan Sommers, MD CCFP FRCPC (PHPM)

Medical Officer of Health Northern Zone, NSHA

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