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Council stremlines meetings
All future Committee of the Whole meetings will take place at the same time as the Town of Springhill council meetings, on the last Tuesday of each month.
All councilors agreed there's a chance it may help encourage interest and participation from committee of the whole department heads.
Councilor Clarence Falconer said participation should be mandatory.
"As you have seen in the last several months we have seen very few directors come and give their reports and I think it's paramount that they are present at these meetings to present a report," Falconer said. "If the department head was here, we could make motions on the same night."
Councilor Kathy Fisher agreed.
"I haven't appreciated the Committee of the Whole," councilor Fisher said, "We often don't have all our representation from the directors and as a consequence we are not as informed as we should be."
The motion to hold the Committee of the Whole meeting on the same night as the Council meeting was moved by Councilor Bob Spence and seconded by Councilor Fisher. All councilors voted in favour of the motion.
The new time takes effect this month on June 24, with a start time of 5:30 p.m.

Mechanic Street playground
Concerned citizen Herb Babineau was one of several Springhiller's on hand for last weeks council meeting.
Towards the end of the meeting Babineau asked councilors for an update on the building of a playground for Mechanic Street.
The proposed playground is purely a grassroots initiative spearheaded by citizens of Springhill and is not part of the Town of Springhill's agenda.
But because both councilors Doug Dobson and Clarence Falconer are members of the playground committee and were, as citizens, able to offer the requested update.
Babineau began by asking council "Is it off now?"
"It's still ongoing," Dobson said. "I've heard there are still some road blocks but hopefully it will be completed ASAP."
Falconer said, "We met two weeks ago and we are looking to clean up the area where the park will be built. We are getting trucks and volunteers donating their time. We will do that within the next two to three weeks."
Falconer said they are looking for more individuals and organizations to come on board and support the Mechanic Street playground initiative.
The park is tentatively named the Hilltop Park

Police commission commitment
Town Councils monthly meeting saw the passing of a motion whereby councilors who are members of the Springhill police commission remain on the commission for four years.
Councilor Clarence Falconer who is on the commission brought the motion forward.
"I am on the provincial board of police commissions across the province and they have requested that all municipalities that have a police force that the councilors who are on the board remain on the board for the for the four year term or for the balance of their term," Falconer said. "The reasoning behind the motion is to have consistency to develop knowledge and skills and to develop teamwork and confidence with regard to the police commission."
The motion was moved by councilor Falconer and seconded by councilor Cathy Fisher. All were in favour of the motion.

Money given to park maitenance

During the Town of Springhill's May council meeting a request was made for $1,000 to go towards repairs for Lions Park.
Springhill High School's athletic director Phillip Scott issued a letter to council stating the money would be used for construction materials such as fill, topsoil and seed which are needed to make the park more safe for recreation.
"Safety is a major concern when it comes to activities which are held in the park," the letter said.
Not only do area schools use the park but it is also a showcase for people who come Springhill for festivals and sporting events.
"The time and labour will be donated by myself and other community citizens," the letter added. "I have support of the Springhill Jr. and Sr. High School. The P.E. 12 class has also volunteered their time to participate in the effort."
Councilors agreed to donate $1,000.00 toward much needed repairs to the Park.
"This is money well spent," Councilor Clarence Falconer said. "I support the $1,000 donation to this group."
An idea to extend the facility was also pitched out for councilors.
"A financial requirement will need to be assessed in order to extend the facility so the areas such as the soccer pitch and the baseball field are not overlapping," the letter stated.

Burning Bylaw
May's meeting of Town Council heard the second reading of the Springhill Burning bylaw.
"Council needs to make a motion to proceed with the second reading," Deputy Mayor Doug Dobson said.
The bylaw states there will be no burning in the Town of Springhill.
All councilors were in favour of the motion.
"The motion is carried on the second reading of the Town of Springhill burning bylaw," Dobson added.

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