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Police presence at Bible Hill medical marijuana dispensaries


RCMP officers are on the scene at three medical marijuana dispensaries in Bible Hill.

RCMP officers busted three medical marijuana dispensaries in Bible Hill Friday afternoon.

Sgt. Duane Cooper told the Truro Daily News that search warrants were executed at about 3 p.m. at Re-Leaf Medical Ddispensary, 197 Pictou Rd., Community Compassion Centre, 274 Pictou Rd., and at the Maritime Medicinal Centre, 27 Main Street.

“As we speak we’re still in the process of executing the search warrants,” said Cooper, who added that the investigations are continuing and more information would be forthcoming when those tasks are complete.

A volunteer for Maritime Medicinal, who wished to remain unnamed, was present during the store’s raid, and said the RCMP came in to look for illegal contraband.

“Well they just came in and raided the place, trying to shut the place down. They were looking for cannabis, cannabis resin and firearms, which we have none of. We are completely on the level, and have nothing illicit.”

The store only deals in medicinal sales of marijuana he said, and is very strict about following the law.

“We sell medicinal marijuana to medicinal marijuana patients that own prescriptions only,” he said.

“I am completely strict about that if anybody comes in on my watch. I’ve been in there and a kid will come in and ask ‘Do you guys sell to anyone under 19,’ and they tell them no, and tell them they need a prescription.”

Last week, RCMP Halifax District Street Crime Enforcement Unit staged raids on homes and businesses from Windsor to Antigonish, which resulted in 10 people being arrested and charged with 69 drug and firearm offences.
Police seized 29 kilograms of marijuana, 10 kilograms of cannabis oil, 45 kilograms of cannabis edibles, seven kilograms of cannabis resin (shatter), 600 grams of cannabis resin (hash) and more than $10,000 in cash in last week's busts.
Police also raided five Tasty Budd’s stores, saying the outlets attempted to look like legitimate businesses – but weren’t.

When asked if he believes the raids have anything to do with the recent raids of Tasty Buds locations in Lower Sackville, the Maritime Medicinal volunteer said, “I feel like it, but I don’t think so.”

“I get that feeling, but we’re not related to those people at all here. We have nothing to do with them whatsoever. I have bad anxiety myself, which is why I have my marijuana license, and I would not be dealing with a place like this if I thought shady stuff was going on.”
Marijuana is due to be legalized across the country next year, but RCMP say the current laws will be stringently enforced in Nova Scotia until then.

The volunteer, however, is not worried about enforcement.

“They always do this sort of thing,” he said.

“It’s the same old story, they come in and bust and raid and check everything to make sure no one is doing anything they really shouldn’t be, but other than that, it’ll probably be a slap on the wrist.

“I’m not scared of taking a slap on the wrist for the cause.”    


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