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Firefighters respond to house fire in Yarmouth County; neighbours used garden hose to try to extinguish it

PINKNEY'S POINT, YARMOUTH N.S. – Firefighters responded to a house fire in Pinkney’s Point Sunday night, Feb. 11.

There were no individuals at home at the time of the fire, but neighbours were on scene trying to put out the fire.

“When we arrived on scene we had about six bystanders, they had a garden hose, and they were trying to douse the fire with the garden hose," said Yarmouth Fire Department Platoon Chief Hank Nickerson at the scene. He said they had noticed smoke coming from the residence.

The neighbours were also able to get a dog out of the home.

There wasn’t a lot of structural damage. Nickerson said the damage to the interior was more heat and smoke damage, than flame. A couch lay on the ground outside the broken picture window of the living room. Nickerson said firefighters had thrown it outside.

Regarding a cause, Nickerson said, “This fire is under investigation. This is going to be investigated by the fire marshal and the RCMP.”

Several fire departments were dispatched to the fire. In addition to Yarmouth, the Wedgeport, Eel Brook and Lake Vaughan volunteer fire departments responded. A long line of fire trucks lined the road in the small village.

“We needed the tanker support,” said Nickerson, despite the fact that at times there was pouring rain while firefighters were on scene. He said firefighters had to know they had ample water sources.

“Being this far away from the water sources you need all the water you can get because you never know if you’re going to have a full involved fire,” he said.

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