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Elevated fine for breathalyser fail

TRURO - A Debert man who pled guilty to failing the breathalyser was fined $1,725 yesterday in provincial court.

Darren Ronald Adams, 35, of 69 Debert Beach Rd., also had his driver's license revoked for 12 months.

Adams was fined an additional $100 after pleading guilty to failing to attend court on a previous occasion.


Jail time for weed possession

TRURO - A Bible Hill man who pled guilty to possessing marijuana was sentenced Wednesday to 15 days in jail.

The sentence for Harris Alvin Cromwell, 37, of 165 Farnham Rd., is to be served concurrent to time he is already doing in jail.


Guilty plea for failing breathalyser

TRURO - A Truro man who pled guilty to failing the breathalyser received a $1,437.50 fine Wednesday in provincial court.

Wayne Vernon Hughes, 63, of 35 Johnson Ave., Apt. 1, also lost his driving privileges for 12 months.


Debert man pleads guilty to refusing breathalyser

TRURO - A Debert man who pled guilty to refusing the breathalyser has been fined $1,150.

Cecil Clifford Legere, 59, of 193 Campbell Road also lost his driving privileges for 12 months.


House arrest for selling pot

TRURO - A Truro man who pled guilty to trafficking marijuana was Wednesday handed a 12-month conditional sentence.

Frederick Ross Fisher, 66, of 1190 Prince St., Apt. 2, must spend the first six months of his sentence under full house arrest, except for special conditions for which he is allowed outside.

One of those conditions is a one-hour exercise period between 2 and 3 p.m. each day during which Fisher is permitted to walk around the block bordered by East Prince and Aberdeen streets.

Other sentencing conditions include a 10-year firearms ban, that he not possess alcohol or illicit drugs and that he not associate with known criminals.

Fisher also had to forfeit a number of items seized during is arrest, which included $20 in cash, baggies, a calculator, a set of scales and a note pad.


Jail time ordered for merchandise theft

TRURO - A Millbrook man who pled guilty to stealing from the Atlantic Superstore was sentenced to 30 days custody.

The sentence for Jason Scott Marshall, 37, of 330 Abenaki Rd., is to be concurrent to existing jail time after the 38 days remaining on a previous conditional sentence order were collapsed because of a breach of those conditions.

Marshall was given a 15-day concurrent sentence after pleading guilty to mischief for damaging a police cruiser window.

He must also pay restitution of $229.29 for that offence.


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