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Wentworth Park hosts first outdoor service of the summer

['Williamsdale News with Margaret Reid']
['Williamsdale News with Margaret Reid']

Williamsdale News with Margaret Reid

Well, good morning everyone and I hope you managed to celebrate July 1, even though it was a wet one.

I hear that in Pugwash they moved many of the activities to the Pugwash High School.

Wendell and I usually go watch the parade and then we go on to Wayne and Karma Reid’s house where they have a big barbecue, but this year it was so wet we decided it was better to stay at home where we were warm and dry.

Brent and Charlene Reid of Hantsport spent last weekend at the Reid cottage, locatedd at Pipes Beach. Brent stayed there for the week, but Charlene went home after a few days. The week started out last week to be so wet, but the weather has gotten very nice since.

Brent visited with Wendell and Margaret Reid on Friday and had lunch with us.

Supper guests with Mervyn and Mary Esther Smith and Blaine Smith on Sunday were Blake Smith and Monica Smith, and Erica Smith of Collingwood, Greg and Margo Patriquin, Logan and Lexie, of Collingwood, Kya Milton of Collingwood, Jeanne Knol and children Quinn, Makenna, Holly and Griffen of Oxford, and Jeannie and Gordon MacCallum of Moncton. The occasion was Mervyn’s Birthday. Happy Birthday, Mervin!

The first outdoor service of the season was held in the Wentworth Park on Sunday evening with Pastor James Smith and special music. These services are held during July and August and are always quite well attended.

Wendell and Margaret Reid attended the yard sale which several of the ladies of the senior’s hroup held at their hall on Saturday. It was a lovely day for the event and they had a delicious assortment of cookies, squares, cakes and several different kinds of bread and other goodies to numerous to mention. They also had numerous items on display.

We were very pleased to have special friends, Harry and Beth Crouse of Folly Lake for supper last Wednesday. Wendy likes to cook and it is always a pleasure to have a visit from Beth and Harry. It was also nice to have one of our nieighbours, Barb Stevens of Williamsdale, drop in for a chat recently.

Wendy Reid, Kelly Smith, Donna Tait, and Faye Henderson, helped to supply the special music at the memorial service which was held in Honour of the Late Aubrey Giffin on Sunday, in Goldsboro.

The hall was filled to capacity. Two of Aubrey’s nieces, presented a very good video, of the Late Aubrey Giffin. I would like to express Sincere sympathy to friends and relatives.

Well folks, that is all the news for this time.

Quote: “Rain won’t do any good, unless the sun comes out---no will criticism if there is no praise.”

Margaret Reid writes for the Williamsdale area for the Amherst News.

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