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Wedding at Wentworth Musical Afternoon

Debbie Fulton and Gordon Ellis recently married during a musical afternoon in Wentworth, where they first met in 2013. Contributed
Debbie Fulton and Gordon Ellis recently married during a musical afternoon in Wentworth, where they first met in 2013. Contributed - Contributed

Wentworth News with Hope Bridgewater

The Sunday afternoon musical event happening at the Wentworth Recreation Centre the last Sunday of each month (except December) hit a high note when Debbie Fulton and Gordon Ellis recently married there in celebration after meeting there at a dance in 2013, falling in love and marrying six years later in 2019 at the same location!

Linda Shears, a dancer with her husband Garry, is often at the musical afternoon, and gathered facts about the Fulton and Ellis marriage and I include her excellent report here together with photos.

“On Saturday, July 27, Wentworth United Church was the setting for a memorable wedding. The sanctuary was filled with family and friends of the bride, Debbie Fulton, and the groom, Gordon Ellis. “Although neither bride nor groom call Wentworth home, the area is a special place to them. On Oct. 27, 2013, the couple first met at a dance in the Wentworth Recreation Centre.

“Debbie was chauffeuring her mother, a resident of Londonderry and a fan of good fiddle music, to the monthly Sunday afternoon dance.

“Gordon had been invited by his friend, Robert MacPhee, to attend the same dance. Robert’s wife, Jane, was a school mate of Debbie’s, so they were all seated together.

“That Sunday afternoon social led to a smooth dancing partnership between the two, which in turn led to a wedding on the 27th of July (an anniversary of their first dance together).

“The wedding’s theme was Nova Scotia homeland – welcoming Debbie’s children and grandchildren home from British Columbia and Ontario.

“There were Nova Scotia tartan neckties (sewn in Nova Scotia), tartan napkins, and Nova Scotia flags adorning the church pews and the Recreation Centre. The skilled pianist was Maxine Manley, a friend of Debbie and Gordon.

“As the bride entered, wearing a full=length gown, Maxine played O Perfect Love. Debbie was accompanied by her grandchildren.

“Ushers were Odin Gibson and Matthieu Fulton. Grandson Eric Gibson was ring guard. Granddaughter Gabrielle Fulton stood as junior bridesmaid, wearing a dark blue dress. Granddaughter Mia Gibson, with her red ringlets and white dress, made a lovely flower girl. Gordon was accompanied by best man, Robert MacPhee.

“The ceremony was performed by Rev. Joe Wynne, who shared the story of the misadventure which he had caused the day before the wedding.

“When Rev. Wynne arrived for the rehearsal on Friday, he realized that he had lost the all-important marriage certificate. The only solution was a trip to Access Nova Scotia in Truro. Closing time of 4:30 was looming.

“The bridal couple made the hasty trip to Truro, leaving others to act the part of bride and groom in the rehearsal.

“At the close of the ceremony, to show his appreciation for the newlyweds’ patience and good nature, Rev. Wynne brought forth his guitar and sang a special song for them.

“The ceremony was followed by a reception and delicious turkey dinner with strawberry shortcake desert, all prepared by the volunteers of the Wentworth Recreation Centre. With appetites satisfied, guests and workers moved the tables to the sides. Frank Lowe’s band, Side Kixx, set up for an evening of dance.

“Fiddler Danny MacDougall was invited to join the band for three opening tunes. Debbie and Gordon commenced by dancing gracefully to the Florence Killam Waltz and they motioned others to join them. “The dance floor rapidly filled and more dancers arrived to share the festivities. And that is the story of how a Wentworth dance led to a lovely Wentworth wedding.”

Thank you, Debbie Fulton Ellis and Gordon Ellis, for honouring the Wentworth Musical Afternoon by having your marriage ceremony and reception at this location.

Hope Bridgewater writes for the Wentworth area for the Amherst News.

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