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Springhill School Board doing extensive repairs

['Heritage Corner with Pat Crowe']
['Heritage Corner with Pat Crowe']

Heritage Corner with Pat Crowe

At a meeting of the Board of School Commissioners, in the Town Hall, Tuesday, it was reported that the 1949 estimate of $4300 for repairs to schools had been overspent by some $2700 to the end of July and that further expense was anticipated. There was a full attendance of members with Mr. Roderick A. Johnson replacing Dr. H.T.S. Gornall as Provincial Government representative.

Over-Expenditure Unavoidable

The Board felt that over-expenditures on school repairs was unavoidable, even justified when the comfort and welfare of the children was concerned. It was pointed out by the Secretary that the situation would have been far more satisfactory is the Board had provided for a larger amount in the estimates.

West End Repairs Progressing

Commissioner Bell reported that repairs to the West End School were progressing favorably and would be completed in time for school opening. “It’s a good job,” he said, “But its costing a lot of money.” The cost to date was $4436, and the balance of bills would bring the total cost to $6000. There would be an excess of siding but he did not expect to have any problem of disposing of it.

High School Repairs Cost $800

“It is expected that the cost of repairs made to the High School will be approximately $800 or $900” said Bell. This included the ventilator, the laboratory and the washing out the boilers.

Junction Road Vandalism

When the Chairman, C.W. Carter said the Junction Road School needed minor repairs, the Clerk informed the Board that thirty-one panes of window glass had recently been ordered to repair damage caused by vandalism.

Manuel Training Equipment to cost $2100

Quotations for manual training classes were considered. After Commissioner Ross’s assurance that the equipment would be of good quality, Bell’s motion to purchase from Cameron Electric – subject to immediate shipment – was carried. The total approximate cost will be $2100, which include hand tools to the value of $772.40. Six benches of the type specified by Provincial Government Industrial Arts Inspector Sutherland are on order at a cost of $63.25 each.

Laboratory Benches on Order

It was reported by the Secretary that four benches and an Instructor’s bench were on order for the Physics and Chemistry Laboratory, Chairman Carter explaining that a local firm had been given the opportunity to provide these but had stated itself unable to fill the order.

To Experiment with Flood Lighting of School Premises

In order to eliminate the undesirable frequenting of school premises after dark, the Board considered flood lighting as a solution. An experiment will be conducted at the High School and, if proved satisfactory, the method will be adopted at all other schools.

School Yard Paving Patches

Chairman Carter reported that the Town had provided a patch of hard surfacing at the Junction Road School. If this proved suitable all other schools would be provided for.

Teacher Tenders Resignation

The Secretary read the formal resignation of Miss Hilda McLeod from her position of High School Teacher. It was stated by the Secretary that her contract was of a continuous nature, and could only be nullified by notice in the month of March past if it was to take effect for the coming school year. The matter was left in the hands of the Teachers Committee for investigation.

Everything Ready for Grade Twelve

Chairman Carter said that everything had been prepared for the Inauguration of Grade 12 when school reopened for the fall term but there was still no indication of number of students.

Margaret Rose School to be Inspected

An investigation to determine the source of dampness in the new Margaret Rose School will be conducted.

Difficulty in Securing Boarding Houses

The Secretary reported that he was experiencing difficulty in securing boarding houses for Teachers.

Thanks Board

A letter from the Teachers Association thanked the Board for its efforts to obtain an increase in the Provincial adjustment grant which affects teacher’s salaries.

Rod A. Johnson Succeeds Dr. H.T.S. Gornall

The Board was notified of the appointment of Roderick A. Johnson as successor to Dr. H.T.S. Gornall for the unexpired period to February 1950.

Apply for Janitorships

The applications of Roderick A. McDonald and Raymond Pepperdine for janitorship were placed on file.

To Consider Pay for Night Work

Consideration is being given to the application by janitors for pay for extra duties involved in the preparation of building for evening classes.

Dissatisfied with Percentage of Passes

An overall picture of 88.9 per cent passes in Grade 1 to 8 with some classes having percentages in the sixties, was said to be unsatisfactory, and Supervisor Boran will be asked to address the Board on the matter.

Last Term Attendance 97.7%

Last term attendance was reported as 97.7 per cent.

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