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Special service at Wentworth United Baptist Church well attended

['Williamsdale News with Margaret Reid']
['Williamsdale News with Margaret Reid']

Williamsdale News with Margaret Reid

Good morning everyone and I hope you are making the best of this nice hot summer weather.

We sure enjoyed summer when we were children and we ran around barefoot from morning until dark. We also had to spend a lot of days making hay to be stored in the barn for the cattle.

My father was one of the first farmers in Little River to grow cultivated strawberries and later on, he grew raspberries as well. So of course, that meant lots of hours spent picking berries.

One day my father couldn’t sell his last crate of strawberries in Oxford so he went to River Philip and gave them to a group of Scouts who were camping there under the supervision of Rev. Harry Taylor. The Boy Scouts really enjoyed the unexpected treat.

The special service in the Wentworth United Baptist Church on Sunday, July 14 was quite well attended. The service was led by our Pastor, Rev. James Smith. Special music for the service was by the group Encore. The group consists of Faye Henderson, Kelly Smith, Donna Tait and Wendy Reid and they did a really good job.

Rev. Jim Smith preached his last service for the Millvale Baptist Church on Sunday. Pastor Jim’s final service for the field was scheduled for July 28 in Westchester and there will be a celebration at that time, for the church field.

Alvord and Linda Stewart are very pleased to have friends visiting with them, from Cantley, Que. Alvord and Linda and their guests are planning to go touring around several points of interest in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia this week.

On Thursday, July 18, Wendy Reid, Wendell and Margaret Reid went to the Sandpiper Restaurant at Port Howe, where they were joined by Wayne and Karma Reid of Pugwash for a delicious supper.

The supper was in honour of Wendy’s birthday. The supper was delicious and of course everyone ate too much, but birthdays are special, so it was not the time to be counting calories. Alvord and Linda Stewart phoned Wendy at work and sang Happy Birthday to her.

Mary Esther Smith accompanied her daughter Margo Patriquin of Collingwood to Amherst on Saturday, so they could do some shopping. Mary Esther’s car has been out of working order for some time and she really misses it.

There was a special evening service in the Thomson United Church on Sunday evening, July 21, with music provided by the group Silver Rose. Laurie Macleod of Oxford brought a very thought-provoking message. After the service a delicious lunch was provided by the ladies and friends of the church.

We had a really bad experience last Sunday evening. Wendell and I just got home from attending the church service in Wentworth, when we discovered I was carrying two black purses, instead of one. We had to look inside to see who the rightful owner was, and then we were unable to reach her by phone because she was driving up and down the road looking for her purse. Luckily, I called a mutual friend in Folly Lake and as luck would have it the owner of the purse happened to call the same lady, so the mystery of the missing purse was solved. The owner of the purse picked it up the following day.

Well folks, that is all the news from our small community.

Quote: “You have reached middle age, when your wife tells you to pull in your stomach, and you already have.”

Margaret Reid writes for the Williamsdale area for the Amherst News.

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