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Final pieces falling into place for Cumberland County Exhibition

. - Darrell Cole

Oxford News with Eleanor Crowley

This the 20th of August and I am a day late and maybe a whole bunch of dollars short.

The Cumberland County Exhibition is almost ready.

There has certainly been some nice cleaning done. All the bushes on Waverly by the fence all cleared out. It looks great. And new link fencing.

Apparently, there was a bunch of work done to the bathroom in the industrial building which you might not notice but it was.

I have been way too busy getting ready for the fashion show but we will get there. Anybody worry about what you will do after you retire? Don’t, just volunteer for one thing and you will find yourself with lots to do.

The Oxford Boxing Club on Water Street is settling in and they are getting it ready. I haven’t asked how long they expect that to take. I’m a little bit scared to as I am pretty sure it won’t be next week. I wish Bob the best of luck and let’s hope he does well.

Went to Bun Betts’ 100th birthday (Wow, 100 years!). He has been a busy man his whole life and is still busy.

I also went to the Nova Scotia Gem and Mineral Show in Parrsboro. That is always interesting. It’s amazing what you can do with rocks besides just admiring them.

On the way out of Parrsboro we passed the pitcher plant swamp and they were all in bloom. I have no memory of seeing pitcher plants in bloom before; very interesting and especially as they are Newfoundland’s flower.

As we come out the end of that road I saw a new church going up. They are closing down perfectly good churches because nobody goes but then they build a new one in the middle of a productive agricultural field. Enough said there.

A little ha-ha. Someone mentioned for my little remember when I was a kid bit, and I wasn’t going to include it but decided ‘might as well.’ Remember the outhouse and the second life of the old catalogs. Around here it was Simpson-Sears and T. Eaton Co.

That’s all for this week. If you have news, call me at 902-447-3040.

Eleanor Crowley writes for the Oxford area for the Amherst News.

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