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Congratulations to Dawn Wells on raising $9,600 for Relay for Life

['Malagash and Area News with Marian Durling']
['Malagash and Area News with Marian Durling']

Malagash News with Marian Durling

Hello to all. We have just had our first day of summer and a day after it felt like the summer was all over. The weather was terrible---heavy rain, high winds and "turn on the heat" type of weather. Surely it will improve shortly. Our poor flowers are wondering what hit them and would like to burrow back deep into the ground.

Had a call from former resident Murial Latta bringing me up to date on what a gal from Malagash has done recently. Dawn Wells, a breast cancer survivor, recently took part in the Cancer Relay for Life walk in Amherst. She raised over $9,600 in pledges-the highest in the walk.

Several of Murial's grandchildren walked with her in the event. Congratulations to Dawn for this great effort. I walked in one in Halifax several years ago and it was really rewarding and made me feel so good.

Malagash United Church held its annual pot luck supper recently. The numbers were down a bit but certainly the weather had a lot to do with it. A couple from Truro arrived shortly before closing time and told us that all of a sudden the sun came out and when that happened they quickly decided to come to their favourite church supper. We had a great time talking to them and bringing them up to date on our bear stories and they in turn kept us entertained with their deer stories. Every community has its problems, but I think I would prefer the deer over the bears.

It's hard to imagine that the schools have closed for the summer vacation. Great pictures on Facebook and in the newspapers of recent grads on their way to their proms. Takes me back so many years to mine. Never mind the date, just many years ago!

We have a wonderful elementary School in Wallace but unfortunately the numbers of students enrolled are getting smaller and smaller each year.

Malagash has once again suffered a loss in the community. Robert Chalmers, aka "Red" passed away on June 18.

Red was 88 years old and married to the love of his life, Doreen, for 65 years. He was a career sailor, spending 32 years with the Royal Canadian Navy retiring CPO 1st Class.

Red and Doreen spent their retirement years in Malagash and Fort Myers, Florida. They loved travelling and spending time with their three children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He had a very special bond with his granddaughter, Candace, who followed in his footsteps and joined the RCN.

Red's Celebration of Life was held on Saturday, June 22 in Malagash United Church. Members of Royal Canadian Legion Branch No 97 held a Legion Service, paying tribute to a deserving veteran.

The service was conducted by Chaplain Robert Dobson with a reading from President George MacKenzie. The Celebration of Life was conducted by Rev. Connie McNamara.

Tributes to "Dee" were given by two of his granddaughters and the choir, under the direction of Jannie Berkelaar, sang the Navy Hymn, often requested by Red, "Eternal Father Strong to Save" as a tribute to this most deserving veteran. Our sympathy is extended to Doreen, his daughter and two sons and other members of the family.

Have a good week everyone and as a guest at the funeral said, “If you feel the need to talk to someone or see someone--do it now! Don't wait until it is too late--we never know what tomorrow will bring and sometimes it will be too late.”

Be safe and watch for all the animals on the road.

Marian Durling covers the Malagash area for the Amherst News.

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