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PC candidate says new Springhill elementary school a top priority

Tory Rushton has announced he will be seeking the nomination for the Progressive Conservative Party in Cumberland South. The Oxford fire chief is shown with his wife, Tracy, and three children Bayley, Cooper and Briar.
Tory Rushton, a candidate for the PC nomination in Cumberland South, is calling on the provincial government to commit to a new school for Springhill now and not to use the byelection to play a political game with the children of Springhill.

Rushton: Liberal government must make firm commitment this winte

SPRINGHILL – A candidate for the PC nomination in Cumberland South is calling on the province to put a new elementary school in Springhill at the top of its priority list.

“Springhill deserves a new elementary school,” said Rushton, who is one of four candidates seeking the party’s nomination in Cumberland South. “The Liberal government has ignored the school priority list for years and skipped over Springhill, meanwhile the school has been falling down around the students. It’s disgraceful.”

Rushton sad West End-Memorial Elementary and Junction Road Elementary have experienced numerous leaks to the roof, have outdated plumbing and amenities and have overcrowded gymnasiums.

Program delivery is being impacted by the terrible conditions of the schools. A new school for Springhill has been on the top of the priority list for Chignecto-Central Regional School Board for years, but Rushton said the Liberal government decided to fund improvements to the school in Tatamagouche school, in Karen Casey’s constituency.

Rushton says while he wants to see a new school on the capital plan for this year, he warns against the Liberal government playing politics with this issue in the middle of a byelection.

“We need a firm commitment from the Liberal government on this school, this winter,” said Rushton. “After everything these parents have been through, it would be wrong for the Liberal government to make the school a contingent on the outcome of a byelection.”

Rushton says he’s been hearing from parents and students, who have been fighting for years for a new school.

“People are tired of the games-playing,” says Rushton. “They just want their new school. It’s time the Liberal government made a firm commitment to the parents and build the students a new school.”

All the candidates for both the Progressive Conservatives and the Liberals have said the Springhill school situation is a priority.

Cumberland South Conservatives will gather in Springhill on Saturday to select a candidate for the byelection to replace former MLA and party leader Jamie Baillie, who resigned suddenly several weeks amid allegations of inappropriate conduct.

The nominating meeting is at the high school in Springhill with registration beginning at 1 p.m. and the meeting getting underway at 2 p.m. Joining Rushton in the bid for the nomination are Oralee O’Byrne, Mackie Ross and Marchel Strong.

The Liberals, who have two candidates (Scott Lockhart and Brian Sanderson), have yet to set a date for a nominating meeting.

Premier Stephen McNeil has yet to announce the date of the byelection, although there’s speculation it could be sometime in May or June.

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