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Two arrested after assaulting male outside Amherst business

AMHERST – Two men have been arrested after Amherst police received reports of an assault outside a Church Street business last Monday.

Police arrested three individuals from New Brunswick in Springhill on Thursday and charged two following the theft fo several vehicles in Sussex, N.B.

A male had exited a downtown area business when he was thrown to the ground by two males. The attackers were known to the victim and the victim did not suffer any injuries during the assault. A 21 year old, has been charged with assault and will appear at Amherst Provincial Court on October 20th. A second male, a 19 year old, has been charged with public mischief for misleading police during the investigation. He will appear in court in October. 

This was just one of 96 complaints Amherst Police received last week.

On Monday, September 8, a report of damage to a CN vehicle parked in the downtown area was also reported to police Monday. Several windows were smashed in the vehicle and there was attempts to damage another larger vehicle nearby. Police are continuing with their investigation.



A Samsung Galaxy S3 was reported stolen out of a van that was parked at a business on West Pleasant Street. Police are looking into the matter.

Police were asked to assist in finding a missing ten year-old child who had taken off from his mother near Rupert Street. Patrols were made and the child was eventually located by his mother safe and sound.



Officers received a complaint that threats were uttered towards a guard working at the Cumberland Correction Centre. No charges have been laid in the incident.

A male reported damage to the side mirror of his vehicle that occurred a week prior. The male reported that a female had damaged the mirror during an argument. The incident has been resolved without charges and the female is paying restitution for the repairs.



Tires on twelve vehicles were slashed in the early morning hours. The vehicles were parked in the driveways in the Spring Street, Croft Street, Melrose Street and Robie Street areas. Police are continuing with their investigation.

Officers responded to a complaint that two males were causing a disturbance near the Westminster Avenue area. The individuals were located by police and given warnings to keep it down.  No charges were laid in the incident.



A 47 year-old male has been charged with two counts of assault following a disturbance complaint on Liberty Lane. The male reportedly pushed a 25 year-old female and punched a 55 year-old male. The accused was released on a Promise to Appear and will attend Court on September 22nd for plea.

A motor vehicle was reported stolen from a Havelock Street residence. The vehicle is described as a white 2014 Honda Civic with the Nova Scotia license plate FDC769.  Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the vehicle and the parties responsible are asked to contact Constable Jade Pratt at (902) 667-7227.

A pedestrian was struck while crossing the driveway of a business on Albion Street. The 23 year-old male was transported to the Amherst Regional Health Care Centre with minor injuries. The matter is still under investigation.



Amherst Police received a call of a disturbance occurring at a Church Street boarding house. A 50 year-old male was removed from the residence and there were no further issues that night.

A vehicle was reported stolen from a Crescent Avenue residence. The vehicle was eventually located by the owner who informed police that the vehicle was not actually stolen and that it was a misunderstanding.



Officers were called to the Lions Skateboard Park after receiving a call that a pair of youths had assaulted another child.  The two youths involved were spoken to by police but due to their ages, no charges can be laid.

Police were notified that sugar was poured into a gas tank of a vehicle parked on Cedar Drive. Police are investigating.

Anyone with information related to these incidents is asked to contact the Amherst Police Department at 667-8600 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

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