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Springhill receives funding connecting schools, community centre

SPRINGHILL – Government is supporting a sustainable transportation project that will help connect Springhill residents and visitors to community hubs and promote active living.

Springhill and Cumberland County are receiving Connect2 grant funding for pathways between Springhill's schools and the Dr. Carson and Marion Murray Community Centre.

A path connecting schools and the community centre in Springhill is both receiving funding through government's Connect2 sustainable transportation grant program.

"Investments in active and sustainable transportation have far-reaching benefits -- from health and wellness to the environment and beyond," Energy Minister Michel Samson said in a news release on Friday. "We are proud to support community-led solutions throughout Nova Scotia."  

Government is providing $41,500 to the Municipality of Cumberland to build the Springhill Community Connector, linking local elementary schools to the community centre.

"Once complete, the Springhill Community Connector will provide a safe walking and biking path for students between our two local schools and the community centre, playground and sports fields," said Warden Keith Hunter. "This project embraces the spirit of Connect2, and we'd like to thank the province for coming to the table as a partner."  

Connect2, launched in May, aims to create and promote active transportation options for trips of two kilometres or less between community hubs in rural and urban parts of the province.

More projects will be announced in the coming weeks, and all will be completed by March 10, 2016.

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