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Springhill pays tribute to community volunteers  

SPRINGHILL – It was the last, final act of a town.

Cumberland County councilor Max Snow handed out certificates of recognition to Springhill’s community volunteers April 14. Joyce Young was chosen by her peers with the All Saints Hospital Auxiliary as their representative.

Less than a month after becoming part of the Municipality of Springhill, there was one final order of housekeeping for the community to tend to; something that has been a bit of a tradition in the community – thanking it’s volunteers.

A special recognition night coinciding with other recognitions throughout the region was held at the D. Carson and Marion Murray Community Centre last week, where groups and organizations presented the names of their peers for a special nod from the community. For Springhill, it’s the last recognition night it will hold exclusively for just the community.

“Next year you will name volunteers from the districts and Springhill will have two districts,” Warden Keith Hunter said.

Volunteering is a bit of a passion in Nova Scotia, Hunter said, netting 47 million hours a year from the provincial populous. If those were paid hours at $15 an hour, it represents $700 million of service to the province, Hunter said.

Councillor Max Snow, former mayor of Springhill, says recognizing the community’s volunteers is a source of pride.

“We are so blessed to have such incredible volunteers. The community of Springhill salutes you and thank you for the many dedicated hours.

Cumberland South Progressive Conservative Association President Doug Marshall, speaking on behalf of MLA Jamie Baillie who was in Halifax for the Spring sitting of the legislature, brought thanks from the party leader to the volunteers and credited volunteers for pulling communities together when needed.

“They give out their time, not for reward or recognition, but for Springhill, “Marshall said.

Earlier in the month, in Halifax, Springhill’s Kenny John Jackson was recognized as the community’s representative of the year.

Representatives from groups and organizations recognized by Springhill April 14 were: • All Saints Hospital Auxiliary – Joyce Young

• All Saints Sunday School – Cathleen Beckman

• All Saints Women’s Guild – Susan Bowes

• Anne Murray Centre – Chris Gooding

• Blast from the Past – Bonnie MacDonald

• Cobequid ATV Association – Darrell Babineau

• Cobequid Chapter I.O.D.E. – Joan Kaizer

• Community Centre Canteen – Jennifer Carr, James Carr, Cathy Coon, Cathy Burke-Crowe, Steve Varner, Loretta St. Peter, Michelle Herrett, Jaeden MacPhee, Alaina Porter, John Parsons, Donald Bird


• Cumberland County Jr. B Blues – Bryne McIntyre

• Dr. Carson & Marion Murray Community Centre – John Parsons, Donald Bird, Jaeden MacPhee

• Dr. Carson & Marion Murray Community Centre (Programs) – Ken Rogers, George Gilbert, Tim Smith, Patrick Ellis, Marcie Meekins, Matt Robinson, Dave Galloway, Erika Scott, Lucy Scott, Phil Scott, Haley Waddell, Heather Laurie, Rhonda Allen, Scott Millard, Paul Williams, Carl Porter, Brendan White, John Clarke, Megan Power, Jaeden MacPhee, Donald Bird, John Parsons, Reghan Smith, Ben Smith, Anna Moore, Chelsea Atkinson, Brandon MacDonald

• Girl Guides – Amanda Casey

• G.O.V.R.C. – Stuart Harroun

• Habitat for Humanity – Cheryl Veinotte-Mackey

• Junction Road Home & School Association – Tena Simons

• Lions’ Park Revitalization Committee – Kenny John Jackson, Royce Rushton, Mark Joseph, Ann Stone, Chris Gooding, Heather Laurie, Dave Galloway

• Miners Museum Society
 – Henry Hibberts

• St. Andrews Wesley United Unit 3 UCW – Dorothy Harroun, Mike Kay

• RCMP Springhill Detachment
 – Travise Dow

• Royal Canadian Legion Branch #17 – Ron Maine

• Springhill Chamber of Commerce – Krista MacDonald

• Springhill Lions Club
 – Karen Morris

• Springhill Leo’s Club
 – Hayley Waddell

• Springhill Minor Baseball Association – James Melanson

• Springhill Teen Centre – Reghan Smith, Arthur Porter, Kyler Hibberts, Tevin Somers, Megan Capon

• Springhill Teen Centre - Halloween Dance – Ken Matthews, Diana Matthews, Doug Williams, Kenny John Jackson, Maryanne Jackson, Art Turnbull, Rod Stewart

• The Springhill Seniors & Retired Pensioners Club – Sharon Smith

• West End Home & School Association – Jill Joseph

• Volunteer Services Cumberland Health Authority – Marj Brent

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