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Spring Street students honour those who served

AMHERST – Kids at Spring Street Academy gathered in their gymnasium Friday afternoon to pay respects to those who serve in our military and those who gave their lives for our country.

The guest speakers were Dave Harrison and Wayne Dupuis, both from the Amherst Legion.

The men reminded the kids to remember the people who lost their lives serving their country, and also talked about the importance of listening to their teachers.

“We want the kids to respect their teachers for what they are doing here because it’s going to benefit them in the long run,” said Harrison.

Both men say they always enjoy meeting with the kids.

“It’s heart warming to talk to the kids. It makes you feel good,” said Harrison, who is 69-years-old.

“If you want to stay young talk to youngsters,” added Dupuis. “It makes you feel really good talking to them, and I’m 77-years-old.”

Dave Harrison served for eight years in the Canadian Army, serving as a peacekeeper in Germany and Cyprus, among other places.

Harrison left the army in 1977, and proudly wears his dog tags to this day.

Wayne Dupuis is a Navy veteran who served on ships for 26 years. He joined the Navy in 1958 and served until 1984.

As a marine engineer he traveled throughout Central and South America.

For 11years he was a ships diver who dove down to inspect the bottom of ships to make sure they were safe.

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