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Soapbox derby could easily be deployed throughout Cumberland County

PUGWASH, N.S. – The Soapbox Derby always draws big crowds at Harbourfest, and this year was no exception.

Mike Cunningham, co-ordinator of the Soapbox Derby, would love to see derbies raced throughout Cumberland County.

“We would help any community that wants to have a race,” said Cunningham. “We could take a bunch of cars and get a bunch of kids involved. That’s what it’s all about, getting the kids involved.”

Sixteen racers competed in 2018 Harbourfest Soapbox Derby Sunday afternoon in Pugwash.

Cunningham says all you need is a hill with a gentle slope, but nothing too crazy.

“We went down to Pictou for the Lobster Carnival,” said Cunningham. “They had a big hill, and I rode down that thing and I was scared to death. I’ve never been so scared in my life.”

He said there are several gradual-sloped hills in Amherst, Springhill and other communities that would work great.

The first soapbox derby in Pugwash was in 2012, and many of the kids who first raced are starting to get too big, and old, to race.

Sean Langille’s kids, Chantelle and Marshall, have been racing in the derby from the start.

“We started when our kids were small, now they’re getting too big to get in the cars,” said Langille. “And Chantelle was disappointed because she’s older, so we put her in the open class and she’s still racing. She’s happy with that.”

Next year’s Harbourfest will run Aug. 26 to 28, and Cunningham hopes to race at night.

“It will be great to race under the lights,” said Cunningham.

Anybody interested in bringing the soapbox derby to their community can contact Cunningham in Pugwash at 902-243-2096.

The winners of the 2018 Harbourfest Soapbox Derby are as follows:

Non-Official, Open Class

1st Place – Chantelle Langille

2nd Place – Issac MacGillivary


1st – Matthew Chaisson

2nd – Michael Trenholm

3rd – Benjamin Perrin


1st – Daniel Vandenburg

2nd – Madison Maillet

3rd – Haidyn Macaulay

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