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Rushton frustrated over doctor shortage and ER closures

Cumberland South PC candidate Tory Rushton
Cumberland South PC candidate Tory Rushton - Submitted

Tory candidate demands action from Liberal government to fix local healthcare system

SPRINGHILL  –Tory Rushton, the Progressive Conservative Candidate for Cumberland South, says Stephen McNeil must do something about the doctor shortage and emergency room closures in Cumberland County.

“People are frustrated because they cannot find a family doctor, so they turn to their emergency room for treatment but their emergency room is closed,” Rushton said in a news release. “The Liberal government has put healthcare in the province in crisis and it is refusing to address these important issues.”

According to the most recent Emergency Room report All Saints Springhill Hospital CEC was closed 1,077 hours in 2016-17 and South Cumberland Community Care Centre CEC was closed 288 hours in 2016-17.

Rushton is worried that people are not getting the proper care for the illnesses and injuries. He commends the doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals who are doing the best they can in a broken system.

“Health professionals are burning out, retiring and moving away. The Liberal government needs to address these healthcare issues and get these people more support,” said Rushton. “Too often people show up at their emergency room and the doors are locked. This cannot go on.”

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