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Recycling project combines art, community

PARRSBORO – Ten artists, 10 sponsors and 10 not-for-profit organizations are all Taylor Redmond needs to make her latest project a go.

Taylor Redmond is searching for artists, sponsors and not-for-profit organizations to get involved in her latest project, which will see artistically designed lighthouse-shaped recycling cans installed on Main Street in Parrsboro.

This one is a joint project of the Parrsboro People Places & Pet Enhancement Society and the Town of Parrsboro, and will see 10 metal lighthouse recycling bins painted with artistic designs and placed along Main Street in Parrsboro.

“The town asked me to figure out what we could do for a recycling can, and I wanted it to be along the line of the Anchored and Authentic theme and go along with the garbage cans we did a couple of years ago,” said Redmond, Parrsboro project coordinator. “So, I came up with this idea.”

Lyman Willigar built the 10 metal cans in the form of lighthouses, with the town paying for the labour and Granby Furnaces donating the material.

Redmond is now seeking a local sponsor for each can to pay $250 for an artist to paint their can with their own unique design. That money will go directly to the artist. Redmond is also looking for a non-profit organization to be “caretaker” of each can, from which they will receive the bottles and cans collected inside.

Each sponsor can choose from the 10 willing artists the one they would like to paint their can.

“It works for everybody,” she said. “It allows people to be involved on many levels. There is no one person controlling the project.”

Each can will have information on it about its sponsor and its artist.

So far, four sponsors have committed to the project – Archway Insurance, Fundy Building Supplies, Ken’s Grocery and the Town of Parrsboro – and so far four artists have put their names forward, according to Redmond.

Caretakers can submit their name of organization to town hall or Redmond at P.O. Box 603, Parrsboro, B0M 1S0. Interested artists are asked to submit two images of their recent work to Redmond by email at The deadline for artists is Dec. 31, and they will be notified by Jan. 15, 2016 if they are chosen.

The project is scheduled for completion by April 15, 2016.

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