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Rafuse offers business background to Parrsboro’s potential

PARRSBORO – Whether its Parrsboro’s last council or not, Norman Rafuse says he wants to be part of the process.

Local businessman Norman Rafuse is looking to gain a seat with Parrsboro's town council after September's by-election.

A local business owner since 1976, refuse has grown his carpentry operation from the back of a beat up truck to employing up to 14 seasonal employees. Hailing from Advocate, he was schooled in Halifax before returning to Diligent River and then Parrsboro. He’s always worked in the area he says, and he wants to work for the people. He’s offered his name as one of four councilors to replace resigned councilor Robert Fancy.

“We work here. We’re going to live here and retire here,” Rafuse says. “I’ve been on committees and I’ve got a business background and felt I could be useful.”

Rafuse says he started to think about making a political bid during the last election and had decided he would offer his name in the next general election, but the by-election came first. Since then, the discussion of Parrsboro engaging in the dissolution process to become amalgamated with the Municipality of Cumberland County and Rafuse says the notion of being part of the township’s end doesn’t deter him.

“When I first heard I thought of not running, but after seeing the presentation and thinking it thought, I still feel if elected I can be an asset.”

Politics and business are not too far removed form one another, Rafuse says. There are budgets to be observed, negotiations to be made and employees to get the job done. It’s all familiar territory to him and, if elected, he hopes he can be part of making the community great, regardless of where dissolution discussions go.

“Parrsboro has so much potential,” Rafuse says. “I know it will take time, but there is so much potential.”

Joining Rafuse on the campaign trail are Maggie Phinney, Betty Atkinson and Lyle Yorke. Election day is September 5, with advance polls on Aug. 29, and Sept. 1.


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