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Porter supports strong relationship between county council, business

AMHERST – Paul Porter wants Cumberland’s municipal council to work more closely with business to help them grow and create more jobs.

Paul Porter has announced he is running in Cumberland District 1 in October’s municipal election.

The 36-year-old East Amherst man announced Thursday that he is running in Cumberland District 1 in October’s municipal election.

“I’m very passionate about our community, not only District 1, but the county as a whole and I truly believe we have yet to tap its full potential,” Porter said in his announcement. “This is a wonderful place to live, raise a family, work, and also to retire. We need to build on this and try to create more opportunities, not only for our younger population, but for everyone.”

Porter said this includes a continued focus on an aging population to ensure they are being treated fair and have access to the resources they need and are entitled to.

“Young or old, we are all important members of the community and we all call this place home,” he said.

Although much younger than the average councilor, Porter realizes he may be the underdog, but he said he’s ready, eager and very capable of representing District 1 to its fullest.

“If given the chance, I will bring a fresh new approach and perspective to council,” he said.

Porter wants to help local business owners build their brand through awareness and local organic growth, saying supporting local is crucial for a community to grow.

He feels tourism is very important to the area. All too often he sees visitors to Nova Scotia get back on the highway at the Visitor Information Centre without stopping to see what Cumberland County has to offer.

As well, he said, supporting green energy is a must.

“We need to welcome it with open arms, but not at any individual’s expense,” he said. “We must find the balance of bringing more green energy to Cumberland County, but at the same time be conscious not to interrupt the way of people’s living in the community.”

Porter said he will be 100 per cent committed to working closely with the entire are including Amherst and Oxford and he believes in open and transparent government in which people have the answers they need to make informed decisions.

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