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NSCC course brings hands on learning to local high school

AMHERST – The Nova Scotia Community College’s electrical engineering technology program visited Amherst Regional High School on Wednesday.

Second-year Electrical Engineering Technology student Lucas Huybers shows high school student Diwan Minocha the project he built for his final project of his final year at the NSCC.

The second-year students from the EET program brought their projects down to the high school’s Exploring Technology class to show the students what the NSCC has to offer.

They also visited the school to try and gain the interest of some students who could be possible future students of the college’s course.

“It’s good to bridge that gap between high school and post-secondary education,” said teacher Jared Gogan.

EET instructor Marcel Cordeau is preparing his students for real-life situations that they’ll experience while on the job.

Part of their class marks is showing the high school students what they’ve created and how they did it.

“We run it like it’s a job,” said Cordeau.

The EET course has made a new edition to the high school credentials; Grade 12 academic math is no longer needed to apply for the course.

“This year was the first year for the credential change, and it’s gone perfect for our first years,” said Cordeau.

The EET class and other NSCC courses visit multiple classes to show students what their local community college has to offer.

“Some students aren’t going to be as interested as others but it’s great to see how involved they get,” said Gogan.  

- Written by AJ MacLeod





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