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Local museum looking to acquire priceless treasure: Volunteers

AMHERST – Staff and volunteers are stretched to the limit at the Cumberland County Museum & Archives in Amherst.

Natasha Richard, curator of the Cumberland County Museum, was busy taking down one exhibit to make way for a new one Thursday morning at the Cumberland County Museum & Archives in Amherst. She says volunteers can help with many different facets of the museum.

They currently have about 10 volunteers who are greatly appreciated but could easily use twice, or even four times, that number.

“We need volunteers for committees because right now our committees are made up of board members, and you can’t do that because you wear them too thin. It’s hard to get stuff done that way,” said Natasha Richard, curator at the museum.

The museum has 10 different committees.

“One of the most important to fill right now is our Communications Committee, which works on marketing and promotions and that kind of thing,” said Richard.

Volunteers work about two hours per week.

“NSCC does marketing and promotions through school, and it has been suggested that they might think of taking communications on as a project. Something like that would definitely help,” said Richard.

The Communication Committee deals with promotion through the media, and helps create a quarterly newsletter.

“We’re looking to put the newsletter out monthly or bi-monthly to make it more up to date.”

Another committee is the Exhibit Committee.

“We need a lot of help with putting exhibits up and taking them down.”

They also need volunteers on the Garden/Property/House committee which helps upgrade and maintain the grounds and property of the museum.

The Events and Fundraising committee hosts many fundraisers.

– Upcoming fundraisers

The museum is hosting a Halloween dance Oct. 29, from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. at the Royal Canadian Air Force Association building on Havelock Street.

“Even decorating for something like that requires all the hands we can get,” said Richard.

She suggested high school students could help with something like that.

“Students from high schools could get volunteer hours here because it always looks good on a résumé.”

The same committee is also hosting an Old Fashioned Family Games Night this coming Wednesday from 6 to 8 p.m., and donations are welcome.

The museum also hosts a monthly 50/50 draw. Tickets are $5 each.

They print 200 tickets per month, so people have a chance to up to $500.

Richard said volunteers in each committee would be greatly appreciated.

To volunteer call the museum at 902-667-2561, or visit the museum at 150 Church Street.

The 10 committees at the Cumberland County Museum are as follows:

Garden/Property/House committee

Finance Committee

Exhibits Committee

Collections Management Accession/De-Accession Committee

Investment Committee

Events/Fundraising Committee

Communications Committee

Membership Committee

Human Resources/Personnel Committee

Nominating Committee

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