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Lawyer may seek second opinion on report in case dealing with body found in Grove Road home

YARMOUTH - The lawyer may get a second opinion on a report dealing with the issue of criminal responsibility when it comes to the case of human remains being found in a home.

Timothy Adams

But lawyer David Curry said it would not be appropriate to elaborate any further on this when asked for further comment by the Yarmouth Vanguard following an April 22 court appearance.

Curry, who works out of the Yarmouth Legal Aid office, is representing Timothy Stanley Adams, who was charged after the deceased body of his 76-year-old uncle, Stanley Ernest Adams, was found inside the Grove Road residence that belonged to the elderly man. The RCMP say the elderly man had been dead inside the residence for numerous months.

“I can indicate I’m seeking an adjournment to explore the possibility of obtaining an expert with respect to the NCR issue,” Curry told Yarmouth provincial court on Tuesday. NCR refers to the issue of not criminally responsible.

Following his arrest in December, Adams had undergone a psychiatric assessment at the East Coast Forensic Hospital in Dartmouth.

“There had been a report completed but given details in that report I wish to explore having a second opinion,” said Curry, who explained there is a set process to follow through Legal Aid when it comes to exploring the possibility of obtaining an expert.

“I think it’s appropriate that we set this over for six weeks to see where I’m at at that point,” Curry said.

The next court appearance has been set for June 17.

Adams is facing one count of neglecting to perform duties with reference to burial and one count of offering indignities to human remains. When the charges were filed last December the court documents listed the offence dates as occurring between Jan. 22 and Dec. 3, 2013.

Adams is also facing theft and fraud charges relating to pension cheques said to have belonged to his uncle. Those charges were filed with the court a couple of months after his arrest.

Adams’ lawyer put the court and the Crown on notice during the April 22 court appearance that there may a charter application filled in this case as well. Curry offered no other details on that.

Adams was not present in court on Tuesday as his lawyer handled the appearance on his behalf.

In late January Adams was released from court custody. He must abide by court-imposed conditions until his case has been completed. One condition prohibits him from being within 50 metres of 55 Grove Rd. He must also check in weekly by telephone with the RCMP, he is not allowed to leave the province and he cannot be in possession of weapons. Adams is also not allowed to consume alcohol or drugs. His release conditions also restrict him from having contact with two specific individuals.

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