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Kool Aid Kids raise $2,000 for local organizations

NORTHPORT – Made up of kids who cottage on Amherst Shore during the summer, the Kool Aid Kids have been raising money for local organizations for almost 50 years.

The Kool Aid Kids spent time this summer raising money for the Northport Elementary School breakfast program and for the SMILE program. On hand for the $1,000 cheque presentation at Northport Elementary are Kool Aid Kids: (front row) nine-year-old Abbie Stewart, eight-year-old Jacob Swift-Christie, six-year-old Elliot Stewart, 10-year-old Ella Swift-Christie, (back row) Northport Elementary principal, Angela Trenholm, Northport Elementary Grade 6 students, Claire Crossman and Clarissa Jardine, and 12-year-old Malcolm Swift-Christie, also a Kool Aid Kid. The Stewarts are from Toronto and the Swift-Christie’s are from Fredericton. 

Since 1967 kids have raised money, and then decide for themselves what organizations they want to donate the money to.

This year, 20 Kool Aid Kids raised $1,707 and that money was topped up so they could give $1,000 to the Northport Elementary School breakfast program and $1,000 to the SMILE program, which is the Cumberland Early Intervention Program.

Money was raised through several activities, including a bottle drive, a movie night, brush clean up, beverage sales, a three-point shootout and an auction of painted lanterns.

Northport Elementary has 38 students in Grades primary to 6, and Northport Elementary principal Angela Trenholm said students and staff are very grateful for the donation.

“It’s overwhelming to receive support from these kids,” said Trenholm.




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