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Junior achievers finding niche success in local markets  

PARRSBORO – The local Junior Achievement of Nova Scotia participants are at it again and making money as they do.

(From left) Petsboro presenters Megan Atkinson, Kara-Lyne Shaw,  Ashley Hamel and Cassia Bard Cavers had the honour of claiming the two top prizes at the Junior Achievement of Nova Scotia regional leg of the Pitch It! Challenge in Truro on Nov. 16.

Fresh from the Pitch It! Challenge in Truro on Nov. 26th,Parrsboro’s entry in the high school business competition walked away with the both the regional award for Northeaster Nova Scotia of $150 towards their start up costs and a pizza party, and the people’s choice award worth an additional $100.

But that’s just their most recent successes.

Last year Grade 10 and 11 students form Parrsboro Regional High bandied together to create a Junior Achievement Company selling mugs filled with candies just in time for the Christmas season. This year the group has shifted its attention to the four-legged marketplace and there’s no denying it was a right decision. Dubbed Petsboro, a JA Company, the eleven members are making strong strides under the tutelage of their four adult advisors offering homemade pet treats.

“Petsboro launched their new products at the elementary school Christmas sale last weekend,” advisor Jacqueline Wilson said. “The products flew off the table. They actually sold out in one hour and ten minutes.”

Wilson, along with her husband Doug, Justin Lich and Tracy Wise sit as the local Junior Achiever advisors and, with only one exception, the eleven-member team is made up of previous-year participants. Cassie Bard Cavers, Megan Atkinson, Kara-Lyne Shaw, Katie Fife, Christopher Wilson, Ashley Hamel, Jerrid Willigar, Shannon Brill, Charles Eagles-Forbes. Nicholas Hoar and Sascha Heisberger divided executive and director roles for this year’s participation.

JA Nova Scotia provides hands-on experiential learning in the classroom and through extra-curricular activities. Programs focus on three educational pillars: financial literacy, workplace readiness, and entrepreneurship. JA recruits volunteers from the business community to collaborate on the delivery of programs, which exposes students to real world business perspectives and ideas.

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