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Gil Collicott art work on display at local museum

AMHERST - A local artist may have left us earlier this year but his legendary work of art lives on.

Cumberland County Museum curator Natasha Richard and Society president Brian Trenholm stand in front of numerous art pieces on display for the Gil Collicott exhibit.

Gil Collicott passed away in Amherst on Feb. 13. He was a lifetime artist who created landscape, water color and pencil sketched pieces. His work is now on display at the Cumberland County Museum until July 17, 2015.

Collicott donated many of his frog themed art pieces to charity organizations including the Rotary Club,  the Cumberland Regional Hospital Foundation and the Trinity St. Stephen’s United Church. He also taught drawing classes at the Tantramar Seniors College.

Cumberland County Museum Society president Brian Trenholm said the art work is on loan from various family members and friends.  The museum from Tuesday to Friday. Please call  902-667-2561 for further information.


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