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Capsized kayaker rescued offshore near Tidnish

TIDNISH, N.S. – A capsized kayaker was rescued offshore near Tidnish Wednesday afternoon.

“The 911 call came in at 3:49 p.m.” said Roger LeBlanc Chief of the Tidnish Bridge Fire Department.

The lone occupant of the kayak, a woman, was rescued by another water craft while members of the fire department were on their way to the scene.

“My understanding is that it was a lady in the kayak. She tipped over and was in the water for about half an hour before somebody (on shore) called 911,” said LeBlanc. “The boys were on their way but were called off.”
LeBlanc said he received confirmation that the woman was back on shore and safe about 30 minutes after the call came in.

“Somebody I spoke with said she’s a really strong swimmer but she couldn’t get back in the kayak.”

LeBlanc also said she was wearing a life jacket.

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