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Amherst won't ban alcohol sales at the Amherst Stadium

Amherst is collecting date to evaluate its youth free ice time pilot project that was offered during the 2016-17 winter season.
Amherst Stadium

Or other town owned or operated venues when children present

AMHERST – Amherst is not going to restrict the sale of alcohol at the Amherst Stadium or other town-owned venues.

Responding to a request from the SOAR Community Health Board to ban alcohol from all town owned and operated facilities when youth and children were present, council opted to maintain the status quo.

Council has decided to review its security arrangements at occasions where alcohol is served and youth and children are prevent to see if theres a way it could be improved.

In a letter to the town, community health board co-chair Linda Cloney said data collected by the Municipal Alcohol Project makes it clear that there is a problem with alcohol in its community, especially as it pertains to young people.

Cloney said banning alcohol at events where children are present would expand on the towns efforts to promote Family First events that are alcohol and tobacco free and have been a resounding success.

A report by town staff indicated the impact of a ban would be felt mainly at the stadium during Amherst Ramblers games. Several councilors expressed concerns with taking a fundraising option away from the team.

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