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Amherst to support community enterprise network

AMHERST – A new community enterprise network for Cumberland County is growing closer to fruition.

Amherst is set to approve its portion of the funding for the organization that was the creation of the Cumberland Business Connector Society – formerly known as Cumberland County Life.

Amherst will contribute $67,536 annually to the network and provide office space in the new Community Credit Union Business Innovation Centre as well as accounting support.

Oxford and Parrsboro will each provide $10,000 annually with the Municipality of Cumberland providing $92,464.

The business group held various meetings across the county in 2015 talking to business and community leaders and the provincial government about the need for a countywide entity to address economic development that’s driven by business.

Amherst and Cumberland County had considered the regional enterprise network model that was being proposed by the former NDP government and opted several years ago not to participate.

The province has yet to indicate if it will support a local community enterprise network.

Amherst will formalize its share of the funding at its June meeting on Monday.


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