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Amherst Police weekly report for the week of Jan. 29, 2018

Amherst Police Department
Amherst Police Department - Darrell Cole

Amherst Police responded to 89 complaints over the course of the week beginning Mon, Jan. 29, and ending Sun, Feb. 4.


A 27-year-old male was arrested after police were notified of an internal theft at a South Albion Street business. The male was accused of stealing several hundred dollars of product from the store. No court date has been set at this time.

Police received a report that two males and a female had stolen several bags of groceries from a South Albion Street business. The suspects left the area in a gold coloured Dodge Caravan with New Brunswick plates. Police are investigating.


Officers responded to a call of a theft at a Church Street business.  A male was reported to have taken several items from a store and then left without paying. A male was identified through video surveillance of the incident and arrested on February 2nd. The male also had an outstanding warrant for his arrest and was held in custody for court. He was later released to appear in Court on February 27th for plea.

Police were call to attend a Prince Arthur Street business to assist in transporting a male to the hospital. The male was then transported to Truro for psychiatric assessment. No charges were laid in the incident.


Residents reported an abandoned vehicle that appeared to have been involved in an accident on Lamy Street. Officers attended and found a vehicle had struck a telephone pole and was stuck in a snowbank. The driver of the vehicle returned shortly after police arrival and made arrangements to have the vehicle towed. No charges were laid in the incident.

Police received a call from the Mental Health mobile crisis line informing them that a male had stated he wanted to harm himself. Police attended the residence of the male and he was transported voluntarily to the Cumberland Regional Health Care Centre for assessment.


Two sexual assaults were reported to police. In the first report, a male reported that he was sexually assaulted by another male several years ago. In the second case, a youth reported that he was sexually assaulted by an adult female. Both incidents are still being investigated by police.

A 37-year-old female is facing an assault charge after police responded to a disturbance at a Rupert Street area residence. The female is alleged to have slapped her husband during an argument. The female will appear in Court on February 12th for plea.

Officers responded to an allegation of assault at a downtown area residence. A female reported that a male had spit on her. The male and female had been arguing and the male had been escorted out of the residence. A verbal confrontation then occurred and then the male allegedly spit on the victim. The accused, who was also on a conditional sentence order, was later arrested and held in custody to appear in Court on February 5th.


A female youth reported that she was assaulted by another female at a local residence. The youth had allegedly attended the residence to purchase drugs and was pushed against the wall by a female. Police spoke to all the parties involved but several would not provide statements. No arrests have been made in the incident.

Police are investigating a theft of batteries and cables from several cars located at an Amherst used car dealership. The vehicles had been parked on the lot for some time so it is unknown when the thefts occurred.


A 29-year-old male was arrested for uttering threats and mischief under $5,000 following an incident at a Church Street area residence. The male is alleged to have thrown a clock radio and punched a wall during an argument. The male had also threatened to kill the female. The male was brought back to the police department and later released on a Promise to Appear in Court on February 12th for plea.

A 21-year-old male was arrested for theft and breach after it was reported that he had stolen an item from a South Albion Street business. The male was located a short distance from the store and in possession of the stolen food item. The male was also breaching his conditions to keep the peace in relation to an order he was placed on because of a previous shoplifting incident. The suspect was released on a promise to appear in Court on March 5th for plea.


Police conducted a traffic stop of a vehicle on Church Street after an officer observed the vehicle operating without any tail lights. The police officer detected a strong smell of cannabis marijuana coming from the vehicle. The female driver was arrested for impaired operation of a motor vehicle. Fourteen grams of marijuana and some alcohol were seized from the female and the vehicle. The female submitted to tests by a drug recognition officer and it was determined that she was not impaired by alcohol or cannabis. She is still facing a charge of possession of marijuana and will appear in court on March 12th for plea.  he was also issued a summary offence ticket for illegally possessing liquor.

Amherst Police received a report that a female and a male had been involved in a physical fight with each other during the previous night. It was also reported that a newborn baby may have been injured during the altercation. The male and female, who were on conditions to have no contact with each other, were also attempting to take the baby from a local residence. Police attended and arrested a 25-year-old female who is facing charges of assault, mischief under $5,000 and breach of an undertaking. A 33-year-old male was arrested for assault and breach of an undertaking. The male and female will next appear in court on February 12th for plea. The child was removed from the situation by Children and Family Services.

Anyone with information related to these incidents is asked to contact the Amherst Police Department at 667-8600 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

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