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Amherst business owners present new downtown park

AMHERST – It’s not just any park. It’s Patrick’s Community Park

Amherst’s newest downtown addition, Patrick’s Community Park, was presented to the community by Valerie Bembridge (standing), and thanking the George’s Family Mowing-team for doing the work. From left, Max Hearn, Connie Roberts, Joe George, Chris MacDonald. Missing: Nicholas George.

New life was given to the corner across from Victoria and Station Street, with the opening of a new green space, courtesy of Jeff and Valerie Bembridge. The site has been a number of businesses over the years – including a lumberyard, appliance store and garden supplier.

Now, it’s for everyone.

“Jeff and I wanted to create a park for the community and continue support for the downtown,” Valerie Bembridge said. “We’re looking to next year for having a community garden. The focus is having a green space.”

Over 120 hours went into sculpting the landscape into the park by George’s Family Mowing, and flowers were planted by Mary Adshade with the Cumberland County Museum. The park offers two benches, a shade tree and flowers, and lots of space for little feet to exercise and have fun while a fence protects any errant Frisbees or balls from crossing into traffic.

As for the name, it’s named for Bembridge’s son Patrick and follows the tradition of naming the family holdings – which includes Bambino’s Pizzeria, Breakfast at Brittany’s and Duncan’s Pub – after the children of the family.



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