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Several local youngsters were participating in the road hockey game outside the Amherst Stadium on Saturday, as part of the town's 24 hours of physical activity event. On hand for the hockey game were Brandon Richard, Nathan Boran, Chase Goldrich, Peter Woo, James Gaudet, David Chapman and Josh Frizzle. Andrew Wagstaff - Amherst Daily News

AMHERST - Many residents took advantage of a 24-hour physical activity day with open arms this past weekend.

Corey Crocker, the physical activity leader for the Town of Amherst, said over 2,000 people were active between 9 a.m. Saturday and 9 a.m. Sunday in the event's activities.

"But that doesn't include the people that were active but that weren't involved in the event, which is a great sign," Crocker said.

Throughout the 24 hours, the town was trying to keep track of participants by having sign up sheets at the different events.

"We know the Zumba classes were popular and we had 60 people that used the snowshoes," he said. "During our 24 hours with the treadmill, about 140 miles were ran and that's fantastic."

Crocker said many people were intrigued by the event and became more active, and it's something the town and the other partners (Cumberland YMCA, Youth Advisory Council and Cumberland Health Authority) can build on over the years.

"It was definitely worth it. It was accepted by people and we had some great comments from the public," he said.

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