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A commitment to the community of Tidnish

Ross and Nancy Baxter recognized for making Tidnish a better place to live

TIDNISH, NS – Building better communities requires volunteers who love their community.

Ross and Nancy Baxter fit the bill.

They’ve been volunteers at the Tidnish Festival since the first festival 38 years ago, and that commitment was recognized at the festival grounds where they were named Volunteers of the Year.

“We started volunteering right from the very first tournament. I worked in the canteen,” said Nancy.

Ross was born and grew up in Tidnish, while Nancy, his wife, has lived in the community for 40 years.

In that time, Nancy has been treasurer of the Tidnish Crossroads & Area Community Association for the past five years, and for another five years previous to that.

Before being presented with the award, association president Rod Gilroy talked about their many contributions to the community.

“They give everything they have, and then some, for this community every day of the week,” said Gilroy. “If you look around this field and look at the play structures, they did it. If you see the beautiful job that has been done to the painting and finishing of the dugouts, they did it. If you see a nice clean hall when you go in it, they did it, plus a thousand other things too numerous to mention.”

The play structure was built two years ago, a new bandstand was built last year, and this year the dugouts were finished.

“We do this with no thought and no effort in mind,” said Nancy. “We love doing this.”

Gilroy thanked all the corporate sponsors for their support, and finished by, once again, thanking Ross and Nancy.

“They’ve been tremendous community members and community volunteers and really strong members of our group for the last number of years now,” he said. “It seems every year somebody really stands out, and these guys have really stood out the last couple of years. They’re great workers.”


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