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Heather Beach reopens to swimming

['Rainy weather kept beachgoers away on Monday, but despite what has been a wet summer lifeguards at Heather Beach say things are pretty much on par with last year when it comes to traffic. Darrell Cole – Amherst Daily News']
Heather Beach near Northport is again open to swimmers. File

NORTHPORT – Heather Beach is once again open for swimmers.

Bruce Nunn from the provincial Environment and Lands and Forests departments said Thursday the latest test results show the level of bacteria had dropped, allowing the beach to be reopened to swimmers..

The popular beach between Northport and Pugwash was closed to swimmers on Monday following the detection of higher than normal levels of enterococci bacteria in water samples taken July 11.

Enterococci is the equivalent of ecoli bacteria, but in salt water, and is found in the feces of mammals.

Paul d’Eon from the Nova Scotia Lifeguard Service said Wednesday there was no explanation as to the bad result.

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