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Bikers give Amherst a shot of Pure Adrenaline

AMHERST – The Pure Adrenaline motorbike jump team thrilled the crowd with their moto-powered acrobatics Saturday night at the Bordertown Biker Bash

Brandon Reid, a 23-year-old from Newfoundland, and Kenny Haskell, a 29-year-old from Massachusetts, have been show jumping for a long time, Reid for five years, and Haskell for seven.

Haskell has been riding motocross bikes since he was five years old.

"I’ve been doing motocross and hitting big jumps since I was a little kid,” said Haskell.

He says the biggest factors that come into play when jumping is the wind, and the set up, and says the set up in Amherst is good.

"It’s a good area. It’s all flat, the winds calm, the temperature is good, it’s overcast and cloudy, so you don’t have the sun in your eyes. It’s nice.”

And what about the tight landing.

“Yeah, it’s tight, but if you have a good landing, then your good,” he said.

During the second Pure Adrenaline show Haskell's landing caused a bit of damage to the ramp, which had to be repaired before more jumps were taken.

Haskell said he wasn't bothered by the landing.

"I hit the landing just right," he said. "It's when you land short or long that it sucks."

What does he like best about being part of the Pure Adrenaline team?

“Traveling is the best part. Going to places you would never think of going is the best part,” said Haskell. “We travel all over the world. I’ve been to Japan, South American, Canada, all up and down the East Coast. It’s always great to go to new places.”

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