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Two simple words can make a big difference in someone’s life

Viewpoint with Rev. Charlotte Ross

As spring begins to get closer to summer (although temperatures don’t always indicate that) this month of June is often a time when organizations, groups of friends, get together to end a busy winter and spring.

There are the pot luck meals, the lunch and dinners together at a favourite restaurant, barbecues and so on. Schools have had their year-end concerts and soon graduations will take place and people and children will begin looking for quieter times without meetings and a time to enjoy the warmer weather, have holidays and enjoy all that God has given us.

With all the efforts of so many, in making each of our lives better, it is so easy to forget or just not remember to say these two simple words: Thank you.

How often do we go through life so filled with our own concerns that we fail to realize how we can lift another person’s spirit? Two small words “Thank you” can not only lift one’s spirit but also makes one feel of value.

In some cultures, children are taught by their mother and father at a very early age to start the day by saying “Thank you” for this beautiful day; even though the weather might not be great. They say “Thank you” for life, even though it might not be fantastic. Their day starts with appreciation for the great gift of life that nourishes our minds, bodies and spirits. They believe that all life is a gift.

Can we instill in ourselves the exhilarating joy of being thankful? Let us not forget to thank our families, our friends, our partners, co-workers and even strangers we meet each day.

I have been reading about the tremendous importance of the flow of positive energy and its impact on our health. Negative energy blocks this flow through various parts of our bodies so that our immune systems are weakened, and we are more prone to illness. Appreciation tears down our negative barriers and has strong power to affect our lives for good.

Did you ever count each time you say, “Thank you” during the day? This might be a good experiment to try. Let us feel the magic of those two little, big words. We can demonstrate our thanks too by giving an unexpected warm tough, a hug, a smile, a note or even a flower. Gratitude has a way of softening hearts, easing pain and giving others joy.

As Christians we need to say, “Thank you” to our God. For all the wonderful times in our lives and also knowing that God is with us during hard times, tragedy, hurt; knowing God is by our side throughout our journey through life.

Those two words spoken out loud make work go so much easier when you know that what you do is making a difference in someone’s life. It is like looking up at life with a smile. And it soon becomes a habit!

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