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September is a pretty good word

What a difference a word can make! September, with the change of the month it seems like Mother Nature is sending us a message that its time to put away summer things and get ready for fall.  

Already the days are cooler in the morning and at night. With September, school resumes for another year; people consider shutting down the cottage for another season; organizations start up full programs; churches begin to see people returning to services; Christmas decorations start to pop up in the stores. We shouldn’t be surprised. It happens every year and every year we wonder where the summer went. Even Mother Nature gets creative. Leaves change colour and fields take on new looks. As much as I complain about the seasons, I do appreciate them and wonder what it would be like to live in a place where it was the same year round. The only bad thing about fall is that it leads to winter and winter brings with it storms. For those who love the snow though, it is a time they have been waiting for through three other seasons- break out the skis, the snowmobiles and hot chocolate.
With all the flooding in Texas this past week, we need to be thankful that we live in an area that, up to now, has not had to deal with the kinds of natural disasters that so many other places face. We usually don’t have hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes and major flooding, but with the changes in the environment, all these things are possible. Our hearts, prayers and donations go out to the people of Texas who have lost everything and must start over. What a task it must be. Cleaning up the mess, rebuilding homes, recreating lost memories and for some, mourning the loss of loved ones killed in the storms. It is times like these that should be encouraged to put asides differences and value human life, all the while appreciating what we have.
When you think about it, September really is a spectacular month. It offers so many challenges and new adventures. As the Christian Church, we appreciate September for the energy it rekindles in our congregations. Members return to the activities after having some time to relax and rediscover the wonder of having some time to do what you want. We are reminded that God has a role for all of us in this wondrous creation and being part of a church family is one way to experience the joy He has given us. Churches offer an opportunity to connect with other people and have someone concerned about your well being for no other reason than they are genuinely concerned about you. Worship times offers us a chance to reconnect with our God and to keep that spiritual spark alive within us.
So, I guess September is a pretty good word after all, so let’s celebrate the new month and the upcoming new season by making the most of every opportunity.

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