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New Year’s resolutions

['Viewpoint with Rev. Don Miller, First Baptist Church']
['Viewpoint with Rev. Don Miller, First Baptist Church']

Viewpoint with Rev. Don Miller

I have a theory about New Year’s Eve.

It is a pesky occasion when most people sit home thinking that everyone else is out having more fun than they are.

I think the biggest problem with New Year’s is that it’s most associated with those dreaded resolutions - those loose contractual obligations that we pledge to ourselves at the stoke of midnight.

By now, 12 days into this New Year, experts...(whoever they are)...tell us that almost 99 per cent of those who made New Year’s Resolutions have already failed in their quest or will do so by the end of the month. Rather bleak isn’t it?

I think that’s mostly because the standard resolution almost always come from a negative place: I’m not enough. I need to tone up or slim down. I need to work harder. I need to change who I am.

The resolution comes from a blatant disregard for the amazing Creation of God that is YOU.

So, recently I found a few resolutions that I think might serve us all better.

The first is profoundly simple: “I resolve to simply be myself because that is enough.”

It doesn’t suggest perfection or arrogance. It doesn’t promote laziness or apathy. It just comes from a more positive place.

Secondly, I have seen value in resolutions that are a little less self-centered: “I resolve to perform a simple act of kindness everyday.”

I’m not for a minute suggesting that we should refrain from self improvement, but I think it should come from a place of love rather than hate.

I think God is crazy about you. He loves every part of you. Your stretch marks. Your thunder thighs. That little scar above your lip God loves it all.

And God really loves it when we learn to care or better ourselves from a place of love.

To be honest, my own track record with resolutions is rather dismal. But over the years I have discovered that the more I experience God’s incredible capacity to love, the more I can appreciate my own intrinsic value, flaws and all.

It’s then...when it comes from a place of reverence and appreciation...that real change can take place. Both inside and out.

Happy New Year - and may God bless us everyone.

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