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NETFLIX: What's new, what's worth it this week?

Columnist Jordan Parker takes a look at the latest offerings on Netflix.
Columnist Jordan Parker takes a look at the latest offerings on Netflix. - Contributed


In this drama about finding your roots, the young actor from Slumdog Millionaire certainly shows he’s no one-hit wonder.

Dev Patel, nominated for a best leading actor Oscar here, harnesses every bit of emotional energy for this brave role.

Lion is the tale of a five-year-old boy who gets lost in Calcutta. He is, eventually, adopted by a family in Australia, but 25 years later, feels a calling to find his biological family.

This is a truly fantastic film, with a standout performance from Patel and a soft-spoken, gentle turn from Nicole Kidman as his adoptive mother.

Bring a box of tissues with you, sit down, and become immersed in this film today.

4/5 Stars

A Monster Calls

From J.A. Bayona, the creative mind behind The Impossible, comes this genre-bending, creature feature with intense human elements.

A Monster Calls is about a young boy, bullied and alone, who forms a bond with a tree monster to cope with his mother’s terminal illness.

Lewis MacDougall, just 14 here, is a marvel of a talent, and he anchors an entire film by himself. He’s a wonder to watch, and great things are in his future.

Though not even appearing in person, Liam Neeson’s gravelly voice commands the screen as the monster, and Sigourney Weaver’s sheer presence as the boy’s grandmother is wonderful.

Felicity Jones, as his mother, is sympathetic in a small-but-mighty role. A Monster Calls is one of the most underrated films of the decade, and I defy anyone who watches it not to be spellbound.

5/5 Stars

Kong: Skull Island

It’s been 12 years since Peter Jackson brought us the last iteration of the classic King Kong tale.

But here, this 2017 film from Kings Of Summer director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, is the perfect blend of action, grit, and B-movie hilarity.

The story of scientists who head to the Pacific and find Kong is an adventure you won’t be able to resist.

From the tough-exterior sensibilities of Englishman Tom Hiddleston to the heroic turn from future Captain Marvel Brie Larson, there’s so much popcorn entertainment on display.

Through in two hilarious, scenery-chewing performances from Samuel L. Jackson & John C. Reilly, and John Goodman as a crazy scientist, and you have a wonderfully eclectic cast.

The fight scenes are beautifully shot, the feelings primal and the tone of a film that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and you have an action masterclass in the latest Kong.

4/5 Stars


From its heart-thumping score to its terrifying open sequence and endlessly quotable lines, Steven Spielberg’s Jaws is, quite frankly, one of the best films ever made.

Roy Schieder stars as unforgettable small-town sheriff Chief Brody, who tries to protect citizens from a great white shark in the middle of tourist beach season.

The cast is tip-top, which Schieder being on of the best movie heroes of all time. Richard Dreyfuss is great as scientist Matt Hooper, and Robert Shaw gives the performance of a lifetime as gruff shark hunter Quint.

This is a classic, and best for night-time viewing.

5/5 Stars

The Crown

This Netflix original show chronicles the politics and romance amok in the second half of the 20th century in England.

From Queen Elizabeth II’s reign to Churchill’s time at prime minister, this is a wonderful, salicious and interesting political show.

Claire Foy is – quite literally – the best thing to come out of this show. She deserves all the kudos she’s received as the queen. With John Lithgow aboard as Churchill in an uncanny performance, and Dr. Who star Matt Smith as Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, there is tons of talent on display.

Now heading into its third season, you have tons to catch up on, or new stuff to watch soon, if you’ve been following.

4/5 Stars

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